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Parents letters

“Seeking a strong and appropriate foundation in Chinese languagues”

“An open letter of thanks, This is a letter of apprecication, by their dad, on belhalf of Allison and Katie. I’ve met and observed several dozen teachers of various disciplines while raising our two daughters. I can confidently state, without reservation, that Tina and Sharon are two of the handful I rate as OUTSTANDING in the quality of care they deliver to their students. Many teachers are competent in their material, and others can convey that material to their students. And some can envelop their students in a warm, loving enviornment, while still others can maintain strong discipline across a spectrum of developing personalities. But very few can combine all these attributes and do so consistently, even in the face of challenging circumstances, as well as these two teachers. Sharon and Tina (and now their very talented business and teaching cohort, Sarah Pons) are forever in my debt for the wonderful start they have helped to provide for my children. I wish that they could continue to be involved in the education of my children on daily basis, but am grateful for the warm, firm, focused, safe, and appropiate envoirnment they provide to my children.”-D. W.

“Our family goes to CAIS because of the teachers, plain and simple!”

“Neither my husband or I speak Mandarin, but because of the brain development and the fact that Mandarin is the language with the most native speakers in the entire world, we felt this would be the most beneficial second languague for our child to learn at a young age. Over the last summer, our daughter participated in the summer camps the school offered and found this to be very helpful at refreshing what she had learned in Pre-K before the Kindergarten classes started in the fall. Our daughter is speaking, reading, writing, singing and doing math in Mandarin without any instruction at home. Our family has been amazed at the level of knowledge and insight our teacher Suiyin Tian, and other teachers of CAIS have provided to our child. We could not be happier with the leavel of instruction, and professionalisim of the administration at CAIS. We also love the fact that the school is part of the LO community and close to home for us.”
-C. M.