At CAIS we make the learning fun for our preschooler’s as they learn Chinese without even realizing it’s happened. Just like your family taught you English, with songs, games, books, playing with friends and cooking. Come, see for yourself and join us in the fun.

Class description

Preschool is the age of self-exploration and language development. At CAIS we integrate science, social studies, health, music, art, sports, and other curricula according to each student’s physical development, mental development and learning characteristics. Through music, games, crafts, nursery rhymes and other forms of media, students will be guided and inspired to learn and grow in a joyful, healthy environment.


Continuity in learning

Subject matter is taught by the same teacher throughout the preschool career, avoiding valuable time lost (i.e. language acquisition) through the annual reintroduction of a new teacher; By minimizing the number of teacher transitions, Continuity in Learning increases your preschoolers' emotional security.

Interactive free play

Teachers and staff interact with students during free play and learn what’s important to each child, introducing new vocabulary while supporting their intrinsic nature.

Structured Curriculum

Progressive, inquiry, theme based curriculum with learning objectives for each stage (age) of development.

Culture Activities

Students learn about Chinese New Year, The Moon Festival and other important Chinese culture events through music, dance, performance, cooking and other classroom activities.